High blood pressure: main causes and risk factors

Did you know that one in every three American adults have abnormally high blood pressure? Your heart pushes blood through the vessels to all body organs and tissues. The force, which blood flow applies against artery walls is called blood pressure. Constriction of the arteries, as well as increase of circulating blood, can significantly raise... Continue Reading →

5 top moves to flatten the lower belly

Many people, both women and men, often notice that fat gradually begins to be deposited in the lower abdomen, causing many complexes. The abdomen can grow from an abnormal lifestyle, sudden weight loss, in women after childbirth, as a result of slow metabolism or because of the physiological characteristics of the body. Nevertheless, regardless of... Continue Reading →

Foods You Should Avoid in Supermarkets

It’s important to know what you’re eating nowadays and people tend to take care of this a lot, they count calories on food items, avoid too many carbs and fattening foods and generally stay away from too many preservatives. Keeping the general list of unhealthy foods that most people have in their minds aside, here... Continue Reading →

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