13 Secrets the Beauty Industry Hides and Doesn’t Want You to Know

When an industry is as big as the beauty industry, they think that there is a lot they can get away with. If an issue about skin care is raised in the market, beauty companies will promote their products as problem solvers for that issue. Many things they speak about though aren’t true, and many things that would decrease their revenues, they try and hide from the public. Here are a list of secrets that the beauty industry does not want you to know!

No matter what you do to your skin, and no matter what products you use, they will all be pointless if you use the most important one of them all, sunscreen. Mamie McDonald, a skin expert who has worked with Madonna says that all your hard work taking care of your skin will go in vain if you don’t use sunscreen. Celebrity cosmetologist, Harold Lancer, says that sunscreen is imperative and it should be applied more than once during the day and should not be less than SPF 30.

Benzoyl peroxide is a substance that is found in most anti spot creams. This substance may cause inflammation, dry skin, and an increase in the production of sebum Avoid this at all costs. Alcohol produces a similar effect on your skin. Dr. Harold Lancer promotes exfoliating your with salicylic or lactic acid and promotes the use of cleansing masks made with clay.

If you want to tell a woman’s age, the best place to look is her neck. Yes, that is how easy it is tell your age from how your neck looks, therefore take good care of it. In fact, the skin on your neck is thin you should treat it the same way you treat your face.

Santa Monica based dermatologist Dr. Ava Shabnam advises using ice to rub your face with. A few seconds on your skin is all it takes to prevent a dull complexion. Doing something so simple will stimulate your body’s blood circulation and leave you with a lasting and noticeable glow.

Your beauty products are most likely kept in your bathroom, right? That is the wrong thing to do. Your bathroom has a high moisture content due to all the water that is used in a bathroom. A good idea would be to put all your creams and masks and scrubs on your table top outside your bathroom or you could even put them in the fridge in your bathroom.

When you touch something to your skin, germs are exchanged and they usually stick on your skin rather then get off. Whatever you touch your face with should be clean, whether it’s your hands, your phone, and even your pillow. Wash your hands often, clean your phone’s screen, and change your pillow cases once a week if you have dry or normal skin, and change them once every three days if you have oily skin.

A famous Beverley Hills skin care specialist, Christie Kidd, warns you to never use skin care products that use abrasion such as scrubs, sponges, or brushes if you have acne as that would increase your level of inflammation. Clean your skin regularly with soap to reduce acne and appy a water and aspirin paste to reduce the redness.

Ole Henriksen tells us that lymph drainage massages are great at getting rid of dark circles from under your eyes. He says the procedure improves lymph flow, the skin smoothens, and the “bags” under your eyes disappear. You can get facial massages from experts or you can learn them yourself. They aren’t that difficult at all.

The skin on your hands is as thin as it is on your face and neck therefore they also need constant care. Whatever you’re doing in terms of chores can always be done with gloves on. Wash your hands often and use moisturizer whenever you do.

Anti-aging creams work well and the most important one of all that will help, sunscreen!

Debra Jailman tells us that you should keep your skin clean at all times and always take your make up off with make-up removers before you sleep. This is because when dirt and dust gets stuck in your pores, it causes pimples and excess sebum to be excreted on to your skin, making it oilier.

You might hear that wearing your bra when you sleep can make your breasts much perkier than if you didn’t. This is something many doctors have talked against. Bras, especially tight ones or ones that are wired effect your health because their tightness would be constricting blood circulation. What’s more is it causes skin to suffer from irritation, restlessness because of discomfort, and skin darkening beneath the straps.

Grind the palette up and mix it with some spirit. Then press it down hard enough so you get your palette back and voila! No need to go out and buy another palette like the industry giants want you to!

Use ground up coffee as the best natural scrub that works wonders! It will energize your skin and make you feel more active! Why go for all those expensive body scrubs that don’t even do that? Go for coffee! The best scrub you can get!

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  1. I want to know more about grinding the palette and mixing with spirits. How exactly is this done?
    Thank you

    1. Take the palette out with some sharp tool (knife, screwdriver…) grind it with mortar and pestle, mix with spirit, press it down hard enough and you have new palette. 😉
      Hope that this answers your question.

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