Would you try Marijuana gum for pain relief?

As of June, 29 states (and Washington D.C) have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures(NCSL). That means millions of people suffering from chronic pain have access to a new way to relieve their suffering. Some studies have already shown that inhaling marijuana can relieve chronic nerve pain. One study... Continue Reading →

Top Health Benefits Of Banana Flower

There are many foods in Nature that contribute to human health in no uncertain terms, but very few are aware of the positives of these foods! It is about one such food that you are going to read here, benefits of banana flower. Plenty of information is available on the health benefits of bananas. But... Continue Reading →

19 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for 2018

One thing that makes healthy weight loss so hard is bad information. And the internet is full of it. Most claim to help you shed pounds in weeks, even days. But are they always right? More often than not, they are baseless in their claims. At best, they are only shortly effective. Others may even... Continue Reading →

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