7 Morning Stretches to Keep Body Ache at Bay

This following routine of stretches in the morning is a guaranteed way to escape the discomfort of odd pains and aches that happen to spring up from time to time. The following set of exercises collectively takes 15 minutes of your time in the morning and your body will be ready to take on the physical rigors of the day in a much better way. This circuit is time efficient but only effective if you are consistent and attempt them regularly. So come morning subject your body to some healthy stretching to really wake up and be ready to take on the day.


1. Stretching neck

Start by leaning your neck forward and making your head lean sideways to the right then downwards then to the left and finally leaning upwards. Basically you want to achieve a circular motion with your head. Remember to keep the motions very slow since neck muscles are not used to rough or fast movements and you may end up hurting yourself. If it hurts then avoid this particular exercise.

2. Chest, front shoulders and biceps

For this exercise outstretch your left arm in backwards direction resting it on a door frame or a wall and try to rotate the rest of the body in the opposite direction. Just remember to rotate your body from the hips and not just your back since that will really extend those muscles.

3. Upper back and back shoulders

Standing with feet roughly shoulder’s width apart or better still sitting on bed outstretch both your arms in front of you while interlocking the fingers palms facing outwards and stretch. Make sure the arms are straight and at the same time arch your back inwards slightly.

4. Stretching shoulders

Stretch one arm and make it go behind your head aiming to rest the hand behind both shoulders and with the other arm grab the elbow and interlock the position. You can intensify the stretch by slightly pulling on the elbow to further stretch your shoulder. Repeat the procedure with the other arm.

5. Stretching Arms

Stretch out one arm right in front of you keeping it straight. With the help of the other hand stretch the arm across your chest. Remember to exercise in smooth motions and avoid pulsing or jerking motions to maximize the benefit of stretch. Repeat the procedure with the other arm holding this position for 5 to 10 seconds.

6. Stretching Spine

Lie down on your back with both legs resting on the floor. Now take your left leg and place it over your right leg while trying to keep your back firmly touching the floor as much as possible. Stretch your head in the opposite direction with shoulders spread out to your side for extra stability and stretch.


7. Quadricep stretch

Standing straight bend your leg and stabilize your position by grabbing the bent leg by its anke and make it touch the back of your thigh. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then repeat with the other leg.

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