8 Foods They Don’t Want You To Know Have Secretly Changed

Many of us remember the old days with a sigh. There may be several things we miss about the past, but the foodies among us are probably most nostalgic about the food. Especially when it comes to junk and prepackaged food, there have been some changes over the years.

Below are some foods which have seen some major changes in their ingredients and composition. The companies behind these favorites have made their decisions largely in secret. Read on below for an expose which might explain your unsatisfied palate:



Twinkies have long been an American favorite, and many people fondly remember eating Twinkies in their childhood. The company Hostess was the one who first came out with these yummy, cream-filled treats.

However, Hostess soon found that their operations weren’t making the profits they had hoped for. They hence limited their output, even to the extent of discontinuing Twinkies. With America loving its junk food as much as it does, there was much mourning throughout the land.

However, a Wall Street hoarding company soon snapped up what remained of Hostess. They relaunched the Twinkie, advertising it as ‘the sweetest comeback ever’. The campaign may have been good, but the new form of Twinkie did not deliver what customers hoped for.

As it turned out, the new owner of the Twinkie has made some serious changes in its formulation. This was meant to give the treat a longer shelf life. The resulting product was a smaller cake, with cream filling that didn’t have the same yumminess as before. What’s even worse, the cakes themselves were quite tasteless and dry.

The Twinkie retains its new version to this date, regardless of how much customers complain about it. However, this is not the first change the popular food has gone through. Before World War Two, Twinkies had a filling made from bananas. When bananas were rationed during the war, Hostess changed the filling to a vanilla flavored one.

McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s is a highly popular choice for most Americas, as well as being a market leader in fast food chain all over the world. Most of their ice cream options have vanilla ice cream as a base. The vanilla cone is in itself a highly coveted dessert for McDonald’s customers.

This vanilla ice cream, however, is not the same as before. Actually, McDonald’s has started pulling its artificial ingredients and replacing them with natural ones. This shift started in late 2016. The ice cream did have some changes in its main ingredients, but there has been no noticeable change in flavor. If there had been, you may be sure that there would have been a huge uproar.

Ice cream isn’t the only thing that was affected by this change. The chicken McNuggets are a huge deal for people who patronize McDonald’s. Children are especially fond of these easy treats. One major change in this food is that it is no longer sourced from chickens fostered by antibiotics.

Again, there hasn’t been much change in terms of taste when it comes to McNuggets. This is quite a commendable move, if it is true. We’re not sure why McDonald’s would not have announced these healthy tweaks. However, this may have caused people to look for even subtle changes in taste and complain about them.

Even the famous French fries have not been safe from changes over the year. They were originally fried in beef tallow, which gave them a distinctive taste. The McDonald’s fries are now made with vegetable oil, which makes them suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This also made the product acceptable for practicing Muslims, Jews, and Hindus. However, customers who remember the original fries still say that the first version was much better.


A highly popular fizzy orange drink, Fanta’s company has recently come out with a whole new formula. However, many customers are just not a fan of the new drink. In spite of many complaints, though, the company remains oblivious to the backlash.

The new changes in Fanta are not due to some health concern though, but merely a case of avoiding sugar tax. Fanta originally used a lot of regular sugar. In order to cut tax costs, the makers of Fanta switched to using more artificial sweeteners.

The logo and bottle of Fanta also went through changes, but the taste of the drink is the thing people have problems with. They claim that there is a bad aftertaste to the drink that is familiar with the sweeteners used.

Subway Bread

This may be a surprising addition to the list because Subway is well-known as a healthy option when it comes to fast food. While many may opt for their yummy sandwiches, they may not like the fact that the bread contains a certain ingredient.

This ingredient is called azodicarbonamide, which is also used in the making of sticky rubber mats. These mats are those used in yoga and exercise. Even shoes are made with the help of this element. In Subway, azodicarbonamide was added to the bread as a way of bleaching it.

However, there are some vigilant food bloggers out there who soon called Subway out on their shenanigans. The most vocal of these was Vani Hari, a popular blogger who calls herself the Food Babe. She soon spread the word about this ingredient being in the Subway bread and launched a campaign to have it removed.

Fans of Subway soon go to know this fact and pelted the company with their complaints and boycotts. In order to maintain its reputation, Subway claimed that azodicarbonamide was going to be removed in any case.

Taco Bell

When it comes to changing food ingredients without warning, there is no one better than American fast food companies. Yet another example here is Taco Bell. While it may give many people digestive problems, Taco Bell is highly popular for its tacos, nachos, and their respective fillings.


Starting from 2015, Taco Bell also started attempting to do away with artificial and potentially harmful ingredients. While there may have been some altruistic motives, it is also better for their legal record to have natural ingredients on board.

Americans may now notice their nacho cheese being paler than before. This is because it no longer contains yellow dye no.6. Artificial flavorings like the beef seasoning are also now revoked in favor of more natural substitutes.


Coffee is more or less a staple in the Western world, especially for the average American. Many people start their day with a cup of Starbucks coffee or make their own at home. The most popular option for at-home coffee is Nescafe. However, even Nescafe has changed the formula of their original blend.

The cans with the red top are claimed to have a ‘fuller’ taste than the original black-topped ones. Customers aren’t buying this claim, though, even comparing the new coffee to dishwater.

The company is still insisting that the new blend was an improved one and had much more flavor than the old formula. All the words in the world, however, cannot change facts or the taste of any product. It is to be hoped that the complaint of customers are soon heard by Nescafe.

Nestle Chocolate

Not even chocolate was left alone in the history of these merciless transitions. Nestle Toll House Chocolate chips were the go-to item for those who loved to bake chocolate chip cookies. However, the company made some adjustments in the formula recently. Instead of artificial vanillin, Nestle switched to using real vanilla when making those delectable morsels.

As a result, those who used this chocolate in their recipes saw that it did not melt as it was required to. This caused a great upheaval since it ruined recipes for drugs, muffins, and, of course, cookies. The grainy texture they had literally left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. While the company claimed that the changes should not affect flavor, bakers vehemently disagreed.


Another change on the Nestle front is with its Kit Kat bars. The company cut down the sugar content of the classic bar by a great deal. In the United Kingdom, both Kit-Kat and Milky Way bars were advertised as having more milk and cacao. This was a not-so-clever way to disguise the fact that it was actually the sugar content that suffered. Around ten percent of sugar was cut in these chocolate bars with no warning to their loyal customers.

Cadbury Crème Eggs

It’s bad enough that Kinder eggs are banned in America. No one can even trust the content of Cadbury Crème Eggs either. Cadbury quietly and covertly switched the dairy milk chocolate in these delectable treats to a cheap cacao mix.

Of course, the new chocolate was cheaper to make for the company. However, it was also a lot cheaper in taste, a fact soon detected by customers. These complaints seemed to fall on deaf ear, though. Cadbury soon suffered million in losses, with the eggs’ sale not picking up even during Easter.


While few of the above foods are healthy, we do commend the efforts to bring in more natural ingredients. However, there must be a way to overcome the change that these tweaks bring. There definitely needs to be some research done in this area, or many candies and food lovers would remain unhappy.

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