DIY Split End Hair Mask

Split ends are some of the most annoying and common hair problems, but that doesn’t mean you constantly have to visit the salon for trims! This DIY split end hair mask can actually repair split ends, fix damaged and broken hair, and give hair an overall healthier appearance. Split ends are caused due to a... Continue Reading →

12 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Static Hair

Static, whenever we come across it, is a real pain. It fries electronics, electrifies your clothes and makes your hair stand on end. Static hair (also known as runaway hair or fly away hair) is a condition where your hair becomes electrically charged. The causes of static hair, unfortunately, are numerous as you can pick up charge... Continue Reading →

DIY Curl Cream

If you have curly or wavy hair, this DIY curl cream recipe will be right up your alley! Instead of saturating your hair with store bought creams and mouses that are loaded with drying alcohols and chemicals, this homemade curl cream is an amazing alternative that works just as well but without all the gunk!... Continue Reading →

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