Uncommon Uses of Essential oils

An essential oil is a concentrated version of plant oil and can be extracted from different parts of the plant like the stems, roots, flowers, leaves or bark. Thus they are specific in their uses depending on the plant they have been extracted from. Each essential oil has different characteristics and healing properties therefore it... Continue Reading →

10 Natural Ways to Stop Excessive Facial Sweating

We generally experience facial sweating in summer season or after a heavy workout. But some people suffer from facial sweating throughout the year without any physical exertion or at cool environment due to a disorder called hyperhidrosis. Sweating is a mechanism performed by the body to regulate its temperature. Sweating (especially facial sweating) is beneficial... Continue Reading →

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Scabs

In general, scabs are defined as the natural process that protects your skin from bleeding injuries through the creating of a hard coating. With the appearance of scabs, we came to know that healing process has begun and it becomes a challenging to remove these scars entirely. After healing the skin, the scabs may remove... Continue Reading →

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