Lower Your Risk Of High Blood Pressure With These 5 Powerful Foods

High blood pressure is a term that is thrown around a lot. Many people don’t actually know what this means or what it can do to their body. The truth is it’s not very good to have high blood pressure, obviously.

High blood pressure constitutes blood pressure levels 140/90 mmHg or more, this can be classified as hypertension. This could result in heart attack, kidney failure, heart failure and stroke. There aren’t very many symptoms for high blood pressure. This is the scary truth behind this problem.

High blood pressure can be the result of many things, including age, sex, race, family history, addiction and genetics. If you are someone who has other conditions you may be at risk as well.

Top 5 foods that lower blood pressure:

1. Garlic has always been recognized as a magical food, with the ability to also leave a nasty smell on your breath. It can help reduce systolic blood pressure, which in turn would outweigh the smelly problems it may cause.

2. Bananas have been proven to reduce your chances of a stroke by 40%, which is great news. However, it has also been proven that those who eat 2 bananas a day for an entire week can lower their blood pressure by 10%. Delicious and healthy for you!

3. Artichoke reduces hypercholesterolemia levels that results in lower blood pressure levels. People who initially suffered from hypercholesterolemia were given an artichoke leaf extract that helped their condition. Not to mention they taste amazing.

4. Cocoa is also very good at lowering blood pressure. It is the raw cocoa that has all the benefits. Don’t confuse raw cocoa with chocolate; they will not have the same results.

5. Beets have the ability to help too. If you drink a 500ml glass of beetroot juice you can lower your blood pressure levelsWho knew something as simple as a glass of juice could help you so much?

The benefit of each of these foods has been supported by a lot of research and testing. If you suffer from high blood pressure try these natural foods and see if they produce results. I guarantee they will.

There are many ways to reduce blood pressure. In specific these are just some of the many foods that can get the job done.

Source: https://theheartysoul.com

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