6 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Oat Milk

Growing up, we had milk in the house — but, my mom couldn’t drink cow’s milk, so we also often had a variety of non-dairy options. Cashew milk was the most common staple found in our fridge, but there’s another alternative that is taking the lactose-free world by storm. I’m talking about oat milk, a vegan, non-dairy milk... Continue Reading →

Amazing 8 Benefits Of Using Turmeric

Incredibly powerful, Turmeric is a yellow spice used in a lot of dishes, especially Indian ones. It is said that this super-healthy spice was used as a remedy for the past 4.500 years. The Ayurveda medicine used turmeric as an anti-inflammation cure, as a remedy for wounds, bruises, congestion, and skin issues including smallpox and... Continue Reading →

Massage This Point in Between Your Eyebrows: Here’s the Incredible Effect On Your Body!

  There is a simple acupressure self-massage technique which can provide amazing results. This technique requires applying pressure on your forehead. As a result, this simple massage provides relief from headaches and sinus infection. Hence, instead of buying over-the-counter medicines, you can try this simple technique. This ancient method is part of the Traditional Chinese... Continue Reading →

Explosive Fat Burning Training Called Tabata

Many different fitness trends have appeared and disappeared through the years. All of them promise weight loss, toning of your body and achievement of your goals. The fitness goals differ from person to person. However, if you are dedicated and you put a lot of effort most exercise plans will give you the desired results.... Continue Reading →

How To Use Watermelon As a Medicine

  Watermelon is probably the best fruit for the hot summer days, but did you know that it offers numerous health benefits as well? Yes, watermelon has many health benefits due to the presence of L-citruline, an amino acid which can recover your muscles after intense workouts as well. According to a Spanish study, watermelon... Continue Reading →

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