Natural Remedies For Sunburns

  We should always avoid sunburn even if, on some occasions, the energy of this comes suddenly. Redness, irritation, peeling, pain, swelling, unsightly blisters and sunburn may last 3 to 7 days and are extremely annoying. Sunburns are, in fact, acute inflammations of skin cells, caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Many people... Continue Reading →

Heal The Thyroid With Coconut Oil Fast!

Thyroid issues affect millions of people, and lead to weight gain or loss, constipation, fatigue, joint pain, libido loss, headaches, dizziness, ear ringing, hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue, cold sensitivity, insomnia, dry skin, cold feet and hands, infections, hoarse voice, and more. Studies have shown that even 65% of the American population is overweight, and... Continue Reading →

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