The best moves to target the cellulite on the butt

Regular physical activity is the key to a successful fight against cellulite. Ideally, if you find strength to attend the gym two-three times a week, to jog in the nearest park, to take dance classes, to learn to roller-skate or to enthrall your family and friends by riding together on bicycles. What about those who are not ready for such active physical activity for some reasons? There is a compromise option! Elimination of manifestations of cellulite is a complex task, which involves the application of several directions and different techniques. Of course, you can go on a diet, do masks or wraps, but without physical exercises you will not achieve the desired results. The favorite places of cellulite are flabby and poorly developed muscles. Therefore, physical exercises to get rid of cellulite should be aimed at restoring and strengthening muscle tissue. The most correct decision in this situation will be moderate strength exercises, swimming and cardio-operations.


Let’s look through three very simple, but very effective exercises that will help you get rid of cellulite on your butt. These exercises are well-known to many women, but not all women know that they are so effective against cellulite. Since not everyone has the time and the means to attend the gym, you can easily do these exercises at home: Single-leg Hip Raise (repeat ten-fifteen times), Reverse Lunge (repeat ten-fifteen times alternating your legs) and Stepup (repeat ten-fifteen times alternating your legs). There is a bonus exercise for even better results: Straight-leg Deadlift (repeat ten-fifteen times). You will see the results after a month of this workout. Do not hesitate and start exercising tomorrow.

#1. Single-leg hip raise

Credit: BetterMe

#2. Reverse lunge

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#3. Step up

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#4. Straight-leg deadlift

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